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At Janicemarie's, we know quilting, and we know the QuiltCut2 cutting system from Alto's. Please visit our web site to learn more about Janice Marie, the QuiltCut2 cutting system and all the accessories , and when we'll be at a show in your neighborhood.

The QuiltCut2 is the most accurate and stable way to measure and cut fabric for quiltmaking. No more slipping rulers! It is the Original Fabric Cutting System , requires no expensive dies, and provides you with the versatility to measure and cut all the sizes and shapes of strips and pieces for making your quilts.

  • Helps those with arthritis and strength issues cut fabric with a rotary cutter.
  • Completely Versatile
  • No Expensive Dies
  • Perfect for all Quilters
  • No more slipping rulers

The QuiltCut2 comes ready to use. . . all you provide is the fabric, a quilt pattern and your favorite rotary cutter. The QuiltCut2 saves you time and precious fabric!

The QuiltCut2 is great for all aspects of quilting, from making patchwork quilts to strip piecing to cutting quilt binding and squaring-up quilt blocks. The QuiltCut2 is an indispensible tool for all quilters.

Alto's line of products include the QuiltCut2, a durable Carrying Case , Quilt Patterns, Alto's super-sharp Rotary Cutter Blades, "self healing" Cutting Mats and more.

Check out our online video demonstrations, and make sure to find a Quilt Show and a live demonstration near you. Janice Marie is a quilter herself and can show you how this tool functions to simplify measuring and cutting fabric for quilts.


About Janice Marie

Janice and her husband Gary live in Terrell Texas, just east of Dallas. They live in a turn-of- the-century home that they are currently renovating. They are active in their community and enjoy spending time with their small grandchildren. Janice has been sewing most of her life, and quilting about five years. Since becoming acquainted with the Alto's QuiltCut2 system her quilting has been revolutionized. "Before, all I ever got involved in was "blocks of the month" due to my cutting experience. After learning to use the Alto's System I have been able to consistently cut perfect pieces for my projects!" She enjoys meeting new people and sharing her QuiltCut experience as she travels to quilt shows, Guild meetings and demonstrations.

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