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The QuiltCut2 Cutting System

The QuiltCut2 is similar to a drafting board, designed specifically for measuring & cutting fabric for quiltmaking. Stack multiple layers of fabric and cut dozens of precise strips, squares, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, (any straight-sided shape) in less time and with more accuracy than using a standard ruler alone. No expensive dies to buy and no limitaions on the sizes or shapes you can cut. Use the QuiltCut2 as your work station for cutting fabric with any rotary cutter. It's easier on your hands because the Cutting Guide (ruler) is automatically "squared up" and stabilized. No more slipping rulers! One end of the Cutting Guide hooks onto and slides along aluminum rails on the base. Slide the Cutting Guide to your cutting position, hold it down with your free hand and it feels like someone is holding the other end of your ruler for you. Square-up quilt blocks, use for strip-piecing, grids. . . it works with any technique. If you use a rotary cutter and a ruler the QuiltCut2 will be very easy to learn. Quilters all across the country love the QuiltCut2.

The QuiltCut2 includes:

  • The complete QuiltCut2 unit.
  • Thorough, step-by-step, 40 page instruction booklet.
  • 26 minute Instructional DVD.
  • 18" x 26" 5-ply Cutting Mat (Rotary cutter not included)
  • 30 Day money back Guarantee

$ 229.95



The QuiltCut Pro is a large work station for stores doing all types of production cutting.

Cut swatches, kits, fat-quarters, Blocks-of-the-Month, half-yards, quarter-yards, and more with ease and accuracy. . . In half the time or less!

In utilizing special features like the Big "T" cutting guide, mat-saver strips, and the Bolt Roller, you can greatly increase the speed and efficiency of your production cuts. Save labor using the QuiltCut Pro.

*The Bolt Roller is sold separately.


QuiltCut Upgrade Kit
(to update original QuiltCuts to QuiltCut2 specs)

If you have one of the older, original QuiltCuts (with white plastic and the plastic "Speed Guage") use this upgrade kit to add many of the features of the QuiltCut2.

Note: You do not need an Upgrade Kit for a QuiltCut2! These are just to update the older, original QuiltCuts. If you have a questions, give us a call.

Includes a New QuiltCut2 Cutting Guide and Head (with many more angles), stainless steel Speed Guage, 2 lifters, Instruction Manual and DVD. Well worth the investment if you have an original QuiltCut.


The Alto's Bolt Roller

The Alto's Bolt Roller increases the speed and efficiency of the QuiltCut Pro.

No more flop. . . flop. . . flop. . . just roll it! The Bolt Roller simplifies the task of holding a bolt of fabric to feed onto the shop cutting table or QuiltCut Pro.

A must have Accessory for the QuiltCut Pro.


Alto's Cutting Mats

Small - 14"x18"
Medium - 18"x26"
Large "Pro" - 26"x47"

The neutral cream color of Alto's cutting mats is easy on the eyes and doesn't interfere with your creative color selections. Tough "Memory" cutting surface on front and back. Easy-to-read 1" grid, rulers on four sides, 45° and 60° reference lines. These mats are extremely durable and long lasting. Use the "Medium" 18"x26" mat as a replacement for the original QuiltCut or QuiltCut2 and the Large "Pro" 26"x47" mat for the QuiltCutPro.

Small $15.95
Medium $25.95
Large "Pro" $69.95


Rotary Cutters

The Martelli Rotary Cutter uses our standard 45mm blades and has a unique angled handle that keeps your wrist in a more natural position when cutting. The blade safety cover is spring loaded to snap closed with just a flick of your index finger.
Note: There are right and left handed versions so make sure you order the one you want! The left-handed model has a black handle.

Martelli 45mm Rotary Cutter
Right Handed $24.99
Left Handed $24.99


Alto's Rotary Cutter Blades


Don't be fooled by "Discount Blades" these are the best, highest quality rotary cutter blades available.

Alto's blades are "Super Sharp" and fit all rotary cutters that take 45mm blades.

Change your blades regularly! A sharp blade extends the life of your cutting mat and makes all your cutting easier.

1 Pack $6.95
5 Pack $27.95
10 Pack$49.95

Carrying Case

You'll love this durable soft case for transporting your QuiltCut2, cutting mats, quilting rulers, books, lots of fabric, quilt patterns, quilt blocks and supplies

  • Fully padded
  • Protected edges
  • Padded carrying handle with reinforced stitching and rivets
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Several inside pockets for supplies
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Embroidered logo


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